Olivon Off-Axis Guider

Olivon Off-Axis Guider


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Olivon Off-Axis Guider. Ultra-low profile – only 15mm thick. The new Olivon Off-Axis Guider is one of the lowest profile off-axis guiders. Despite this, no compromise has been made between the function and operating comfort of this versatile off-axis guider. There is no mechanical flexure. The mount load is dramatically reduced. There is no need for a guide scope and the setup remains very compact. You work with the main telescope’s resolution and focal length, not with the typically lower resolution of a guide scope. The ultra-low profile design and the various available adaptations offer many unique advantages. The Olivon Off-Axis Guider can be used with correctors, DSLR and CCD cameras without losing tolerance for the distance between camera and corrector. The Olivon Off-Axis Guider also provides enough space for filter wheels or filter drawers.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 7 in


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